Calendar of Events

This is the current month’s view of all the events on each day. You can:

scroll backwards and forwards a month at a time. Events have not been entered before 1 December

“L” means the Large Hall, “S” means the Small Hall

“Booking Query” means that someone is discussing the booking of that date/time

you can only look at events. You cannot edit or delete existing events. You cannot add new events.

you can select other views; Week and Agenda

in the Month and Agenda views the end time of an event is not shown. The Week view gives both the start and end times of events.

In the Month and Agenda views you can see the start and end times of an event by clicking the event.

In all views, when you click on an event you can then click on “More Details” to see more information about the event, if relevant

when you click on “More Details” the information is displayed in a new tab in your web browser. Once you have finished looking at the detail you should close this tab.


When you click on the link to see the calendar, the calendar displayed is a snapshot of the calendar at the time you access it. The display will not update to show new events or other changes. However if you close the calendar and then click on the link again, you will then get a new view of the calendar showing any new events and changes.

The recommendation is that each time you want to check availability you open the calendar and then close it.

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