How To Book

We welcome all enquiries for using the Village Hall and we will actively seek to meet your requirements.  We have some twenty organisations that use the hall for regular activities such a fitness, dog training, music etc.  See our front page for details of these clubs.  In addition in any year we have some seventy single bookings by individuals and clubs for activities such as parties and meetings.

Regular Bookings

The Charity welcomes regular hiring of the Village Hall and offers discounted hire charges for such bookings.  For details of these discounted hire charges see discounted charges

If you wish to discuss making a regular booking please see Make a Booking below.

If you run a business, club or organisation and would like to book the Village Hall for a regular activity, you can view more information about our approach to encouraging businesses to use our Village Hall at Business Partners

Single Bookings

The Charity exists to provide a centre for community and social activities and is focused on making the Village Hall attractive and welcoming.

However the Charity’s trustees have a duty to protect the Village Hall and its facilities from damage so that it remains able to support the maximum number of activities for the community.  Unfortunately, based on past occurrence of  serious damage, the following types of bookings are not accepted:

  • parties for children over the age of 11
  • parties for ages 16 to 21 inclusive

Planning Your Booking

Date & Time

For available dates and times for each of our rooms look at our Calendar of Events

Hire Charges

For details of our hire charges see standard hire charges

What We Offer

To know about our rooms, facilities and equipment look at What We Offer.

Please note the hire of equipment is only in conjunction with the booking of a room and is not for use outside the village hall.

Conditions of Hire

To know about our Conditions of Hire look at our conditions of hire


The Premises is provided to the Hirer on the condition that it is used entirely at the Hirer’s own risk. The Owner does not accept liability or responsibility for accidents or injuries to, or illness or death of, the occupants and visitors and or loss or damage to their property and belongings, including motor vehicles, however caused.

The use of bouncy castles and any other equipment not belonging to the village hall will require agreement prior to use.

Providing Alcohol

If you will be providing alcohol  look at our guidance on the provision of alcohol

Make a Booking

If you want to make a booking, discuss the availability of our rooms or require any further information then you should contact us as follows:

We will be pleased to provide you with further information and advice and to assist you to make the right booking appropriate to your needs.

To Complete Your Booking

Once you are happy with the details of your booking we will send you:

  • the details of your booking
  • a copy of our conditions of hire
  • information on how and when to pay

We prefer to send this information by email, but will send it to you by post if you prefer.

To complete your booking you need to:

  • confirm that the details of your booking are correct
  • provide us with specific details of your personal data (required for us to agree to your booking).  For further information on how we process personal data see use of personal data
  • confirm your agreement to our conditions of hire
  • make any payment required

We prefer to receive this information by email, but you may sent it to us by post if you prefer.

Once we have received your confirmation (above) and your payment (if relevant) we will send you a confirmation of your booking.

Prior to Your Function

We will contact you prior to your function to:

  • make any arrangements for you to access the Village Hall either before or at the start of your function
  • brief you on using the rooms and equipments and the fire and emergency procedures
  • confirm arrangements for complying with any licensing requirements

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